Planning guide for primary schools

This checklist is to assist you in discussing plans for wider opening as soon as it is safe to do so, and agreeing a plan to ensure compliance with this checklist before any date for wider opening is set.

This is not a checklist to plan for wider opening on 1 June or any other predetermined date. 
It seems extremely unlikely at present that circumstances nationally will permit that.

The starting point for every component of the Checklist is that it is checked NO until you and your colleagues determine that it can be checked YES.Wider opening can only be safe once every component is checked YES – and nothing should be checked YES until all of the supplementary questions are satisfied too.

Given that the science does not yet show that children do not transmit the virus, the NEU believes that schools should operate in the same way as other workplaces and maintain social distancing in classrooms and in movement around the school. 

June 08, 2020 — Kitted Out Schoolwear Admin