1. Once your order is complete, we will then send an email and contact you by telephone and/or a text message notifying you that your order is ready for collection. You have 3 days from notification to collect your order. Our COLLECTION POINT is open, and you will need to present your order number to the staff. IF YOU COLLECT YOUR ORDER WITHIN THE TIME FRAME THE £4.00 ‘COLLECT FROM’ PAYMENT WILL BE REFUNDED TO YOU – We hope this is an incentive to ensure orders are collected on time.

When collecting from our SHOP please bring a copy of your order confirmation along with the original payment card.

2. In the summer months, June, July, August and September our storage capacity is extremely limited this is WHY WE ASK YOU TO COLLECT YOUR ORDER WITHIN 3 DAYS. 

3. During all other months, we would ask customers to collect from the shop within 7 days of notification, after which a refund will be issued.

AIGBURTH WEB & SHOP ORDERS - No change, please follow all the above but collect from the Aigburth Shop.